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no one's happy with their body, but at least we all have them

so the ri should be in nc soon, if not already. and the hayley needs to put more stuff in her damn list or make a birthday one b/c i'm sure that would be helpful for ppl. btw, i've kinda made a friend with one of the girls that works at crystal connection, little weird, little cool. i feel like i am constantly grocery shopping lately b/c i'm always forgetting or unable to obtain one thing on my list, which is necessary to the things i want to make. the food kitty still sucks. balls. they almost almost didn't have peppermint extract. (or any others than vanilla, WTF?!!?!??) shazzy has been terribly spoiled lately. (my lr has turned into a palatial kitty living quarters, which i have to admit, i am enjoying as well.) although more batches of angel kiss cookies were already in plan, it is now essential i make them, as i've consumed enough to nearly deplete the tin intended for my parents. i'm also coming to the sad conclusion that it will never matter how much weight i gain (when i do), i will never have nicely curved hips. ..without plastic surgery. *sigh* so i suppose i should pay a little more attention to my eating habits again. all that being said, back to the indulgent laying about and daydreaming while the movie is on.
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