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the hondapita requested it so...:

1. First Name

2. Age
26, what does that mean?

3. Location
greenville, nc. and everything's all about ireland currently... maybe it's pathetic, but a call from the motherland (or, erm, one of the two) answered, is a little bit of piece of mind and spirit.

4. Occupation
kohl's, i.e.: their bitch.

5. Partner?
sure... if i meet him... say, sometime in the next two years...

6. Kids
who knows at this point, likely not.

7. Brothers/Sisters
four half-sisters, one older brother, one younger psuedo-brother, and several little bits that call me "big sis"

8. Pets
the shazz.

9. List the 3-5 biggest things going on in your life:
a. work, b/c i need money, b/c i have bills, b/c it costs to live.
b. the shazz.
c. figuring out school
d. learning how to write a screenplay and make a mock-up of a movie.

10. Parents
i have them.

11. Some of your closest friends
if you know about this journal and read it, and i read yours and comment, consider yourself such.
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