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oooh good media, booo bad weather!!

so, there are just a lot of movies i wanted to see going on this weekend... but no way to do and see it all!!

first there's cucalorus happening in wilmington, and looking at the line-up and cross-referencing with work sched. i had come up with the following possible viewings:

Terribly Happy
Dragon's Breath Shorts

Port-Salut Shorts/The Ukrainian Time Machine
Bitch Slap/Duddleswell Shorts

Easier With Practice
The Good Soldier/Mississippi Damned

playing in local theatres there's 2012, and the Men Who Stare At Goats, which didn't come out this week, but i have yet to see.

and playing in theatres that do not exist in nc there's Boondock Saints II: All Saint's Day and Pirate Radio, which are playing at the same theatre in Richmond, VA, which i'm thinking if some other ppl want to go, we can make a sat. night of it.

and then there's the crappy weather which may keep either of the goings about from happening b/c i'm just not feeling the driving in this weather very much right now. plus my car feels funny after avoiding that deer. (and it's still unbelievable that i avoided him, but more so, the ditch right after avoiding him.)
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