kleogade (kleogade) wrote,

to update:

so, ... my cat got tapeworms from the vet. FROM THE VET!!!!! was more than pissed about that, went and did $30 worth of laundry. scrubbed and wiped everything down in the apt. didn't get to see/hang with laura for her b-day. also pissed about, but work scheduling is what it is i guess. she came by the store so i could give her her card, but i had planned on treating her (foodwise and whatnot) while she was supposed to be staying with me. however, worms + not getting off work till 1am, and needing to be back @ work at 9am, and not getting off till 5:30 just made that a flop of a plan. she can expect something in the mail soon!! hurt my pinky finger at work running (if you call it that) to get more toppers. just kept flexing it and stretching it. it is not broken, and much better now. Yey! so far, no more signs of tapeworms, better not be. the halloween store is open, i'm excited, who wouldn't be?!! my mom's birthday is thurs. i already have her gift (of object) need card and to get the rest together, needs some conspiring with dad. (had to change completely what i was doing for omie, will have to do that next year, got her something else, just need to see her!!!) am taking a physics class that is more like an astronomy class, which is good but not quite as informative as i had hoped, will take another next semester. (and by "taking", i mean auditing.) and trying to work out a little so that i can breathe going up and down steps and sleeping and whatnot. marion's my gym buddy. i have to teach her how to swim. lolz. b/c i swim about as gracefully as i do everything else, but still, i CAN swim, and i can teach her how, or more importantly how to not drown, and move from one place in the water to another. i need to fix my lamp.
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