kleogade (kleogade) wrote,

disturbia; everything BUT the kitchen sink; and good for you, good for others cuteness!!!

ok so out of morbid... not really curiosity, since i know what it's about, but maybe a morbid reminder that there are freaktastically creepy things going on in the world i watched part of toddlers & tiaras. *shudders* i highly recommend watching it if you haven't been seriously disturbed in a while. they have a whole separate category and crown that everyone gets judged on: FACIAL BEAUTY. Very young girls up through 10-ish yrs of age, are judged on how naturally beautiful their faces are. MIND-FUCKINGLY SICK.

in other notes: they finally came and fixed our sink today, we hope. only 3 days in after they had been informed of the problem, while they had been working on cleaning up the apt. directly beneath us for the next tenants. excuse me if i think no amount of fresh paint on the walls and new carpet is going to indicate a nice unit if there's a big water stain/leak on the ceiling.

also, my xo is ADORABLE!!! i think though, that after a few more generations i'll def. get another one/get one for myself. (i was going to use my tax monies to get one/give one this x-mas season, which would be a 2nd gen, but after revealing my plans to my parents, they were super-awesome and decided to give me one of theirs since they're not really using them.) so now i have a first gen. and it def. could do more, but it's pretty good for what it is. gonna get a mem. card to make it run a little faster, (it's really rather slow, often), but again, ... for what it is...

if you don't know what an xo is, i recommend you check it out, it's a great program! (and the cutest laptop EVER!!!)

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