kleogade (kleogade) wrote,

guilt-ridden, and should be, but is it really that bad?

ok, so in running my errands today, i found the perfect white blazer, and khakis, and that's where it should have ended...

however, in a i-want-and-am-ready-to-dress-like-a-grown-up, and these items are exactly me, and on sale/clearance, i went a little nutzo. this is not to say that this is the first time i have been wanting/procuring a more adult wardrobe, yet some of the pieces in the past weren't quite my style. add to-boot that i work in a retail store and see way cute things go down to ridiculously low prices and then factor my discount on top, and yes i've acquired some trend pieces that just aren't serving me. now, i'm probably going to have to return some of these items (or watch for them to go down further, return and re-purchase (dame desu nee!, yes i know., but i'm kind-of justifying them with conundrum logic. i finally have actualized my style, i know what really works for me, what i like vs. what i'll wear vs. uniquely young adult me. not to mention, the specific colour-wheel, style/tailoring, length, fit, comes around every so often and then vanishes until who knows when. a long time ago it was in j. crew (and more affordable then), then it was a target and some other place years later. now it's back and i'm thinking it's an investment, and one that is apt to be good, since i KNOW i like this style, i KNOW i like the colours, i KNOW i like the fit, i KNOW it doesn't feel too old, and i KNOW it's not too young.

and i know there has been $600 at the most invested into my wardrobe since 2001. that may seem like a lot of money but that's less than a hundred a year on clothes. need we mention that i am a girl, somewhat stylish--i hope, and three bulk shoppings of that money were for work-wearable, job-gettie clothes, slash gifts from mom and omie (one was me after getting recent job). that's no-where near the average clothing consumer, esp. female consumers.

plus i've already gotten rid of 4 bags of clothes when i moved into this apt. (granted, one went not out, but into dress-up, still, it's out of my working wardrobe), and since then i've gotten rid of 2 more. now i'm filling up another one, and marking certain items for further potential good-riddence.

even with that, i'm still feeling guilty.
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